Re-Opening Plan

As a church we are committed to a biblical approach to re-opening, so we will continue to operate in the spirit of Romans 13:1. This means that much of the timing of our re-opening and the safety measures we will put into place are informed by local and state government. That said, and in the spirit of Proverbs 15:22, we have considered the input of others who understand church life to help guide the 'how' of re-opening.

BBC Elders encourage all of us to remain patient and flexible and to continue praying for each other. Our love for one another should guide us and enable us to appreciate our diverse responses to this re-opening plan. As always we should humbly put the interest of others before our own, especially as we return to life together as a community (Philippians 2:3).

If you have questions about the re-opening plan, please contact Pastor Scotty.

Now through June 13

Virtual Reality

Currently all activities are being handled virtually. We will continue to function virtually throughout Phase 2. Governor Raimondo has signaled that this Phase will begin on June 1. If pandemic-related progress is made for the two weeks following June 1, we may be able to begin worshiping together again in two separate venues on campus as early as June 14.

Beginning June 14

Return to In-Person Worship

Even as we return to corporate worship, we will continue to provide online services for those who choose to delay their return.

Given the nature of corporate worship, everyone must wear a mask from before entering the building until returning to the car. If someone cannot or won't wear a mask, he/she will need to worship online at home.

Personal Safety: Personal responsibility is of utmost importance for your and your family's safety. While the church will provide hand sanitizer, each person must use it effectively. Likewise, everyone must wear a mask to church and wear it while here. The church will have a limited supply of masks available in the unlikely event that a mask becomes unusable, or if someone forgets his/her mask.

Gathering in Two Venues: During this phase capacity for gathering is limited to 25% so we will gather in two separate venues to allow for more of our church family to take part. The same technology that allows us to live stream our services will enable us to provide simultaneous services in both the Sanctuary and Cedar Hall. Since space will be limited, and in an effort to avoid turning anyone away on Sunday morning, we will be asking everyone to obtain free tickets online to reserve their spot on Sunday morning.

Doors: Multiple doors (not all doors) will be made available for entrance to both buildings. No one will have to open a door to enter as doors will remain open until 15 minutes after the service starts. Doors will remain open upon exit, as well.

Greeting: Greeters/ushers will be masked. There will be no handshaking or other physical contact, and social distance will be maintained. Bulletins will not be handed out; instead, a digital bulletin will be available. Everyone should use hand sanitizer upon entrance to the building.

Seating: Ushers will direct you to sit according to the markings on pews/chairs. Households may sit together, and everyone must maintain the prescribed 6-feet of distance from others who are not a part of their household. Bibles, hymnals, and envelopes have been removed from the pew backs.

Restrooms: Multiple restrooms (not all restrooms) will be available. Everyone is asked to wash hands effectively before exiting the restroom.

Fellowship/Food/Drinks: No food or drinks will be served. Everyone is asked to exit the building when the service concludes, remain masked, and keep the 6-feet distance upon exiting.

Communion: If served, communion will be available in individual packs for pick up upon entrance to the building and after use of hand sanitizer.

Baptism: If celebrate, baptism will be planned on an individual basis.

Giving: We will not pass the offering plate. Instead everyone is encouraged to give online or use the new offering boxes in each building before or after the service.