Global Partners

Barrington Baptist Church supports the ministries of 23 missionary couples or individuals. Nine partners serve in evangelism/church planting (also Bible study, street evangelism) and training ministries (seminary instruction) outside the U.S. Eight partners serve in evangelism/church planting ministries within the U.S. Three partners serve on U.S. college and university campuses. Three partners serve in medical ministries outside the U.S. Join us in praying that God would use them to bring others into His kingdom. Ask the Lord to meet their needs and keep them and their families safe.

  • Mike & Debbie Bannon

    World Venture Ireland

    Church planting and pastoring a new congregation in Galway.

  • Paul & Joan Bothwell

    Missions Door Boston

    Multiplying churches and training church leaders in greater Boston and Providence, including many different ethnic congregations.

  • Stan & Tami


    Serving in agricultural ministry through International Development and Educational Associates (IDEAS).

  • Kathy Cooper

    InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

    Director of National Training for Graduate and Faculty Ministry Coordinator for GFM, Brown University

  • Aurelino Cruz & Isabel Ribeiro

    Missions Door, Northeast U.S.

    Church planting networking, assisting 7 new Quechua (Ecuadorian) churches in New York and Massachusetts; implementing H3 Project training for church leaders (Anglo, Brazilian, and Spanish)

  • Jim & Gail Davis

    Missions Door, Providence

    Pastoring an urban church, reaching out to the impoverished, sharing the Gospel, and discipling believers

  • Jim & Ann-Elise Grosser

    World Venture, Northeast U.S.

    Missionary recruitment, church and campus mobilization

  • Ralph & Judy Kee

    Missions Door, Boston

    Working with Boston church planters, teaching missions at Gordon-Conwell Seminary

  • Dan & Julie Kim

    Team Healthcare, Koutiala Hospital, Mali

    Treating pediatric patients, Gospel outreach

  • Duane & Miriam Mansveld

    Missions Door, Montreal

    Ministry with street kids

  • Moises & Maria Mariscal

    CrossWorld, U.S.A.

    Training Hispanic church leaders

  • John Mentus

    RI Men of Hope

    Men's ministry and prison ministry

  • Mitzi Norton

    Cru, Colorado

    Leadership development and training, mostly in urban areas

  • Andy & Lisa Ober

    InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, CT

    Directing ministry on several campuses in central/southern Connecticut

  • Erick & Yoamy Sanchez

    Missions Door, Honduras

    Church planting and leadership among the Lenca community of Honduras

  • Mark & Lois Shaw

    Africa Inland Mission, Kenya

    Teaching and mentoring MA and PhD students at Africa International University

  • Jonny & Anna Shaw

    Samaritan's Purse, Tenwek Hospital, Kenya

    Treating Ob/Gyn patients, specializing in fistula repair

  • Joe & Annie Shea

    Campus Ambassadors, New England

    Area director for Campus Ambassadors, New England. Hands-on ministry at Worcester State and Nichols College

  • Roy & Gosia Stiff

    Cru, Eastern Europe

    Evangelism and church planting in Russia, Ukraine, and Poland

  • John & Stella White

    World Venture, Ukraine

    Teaching at Ukraine Evangelical Theological Seminary

  • Russ & Beth White

    World Gospel Mission, Tenwek Hospital, Kenya

    Teaching and discipling national doctors, directing clinical research, and treating patients

  • Grace Wort

    Community Bible Study International, London

    Training Bible study leaders in the UK, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Ireland

  • Tim & Martha

    TEAM, Middle East

    Tentmaking, friendship evangelism